The group “Local Vocal"

Saturday the 4th of August

Baltic Singing & Dancing Days and Baltic Sail Nations Cup.

  Compère: Allan Gardersøe, leader Guldborgsund Musikskole.
09:00 Skipperknejpen opens.
10:00  With a shark cutter on a coastal tour.
10:00  Smakkelauget and the café open.
11:00  Kaschubian Team (Poland) performs at the mobile stage.
11:00 Hyttefadet opens.
13:00  Local Vocal (Nysted), choir, the mobile stage.
15:00 With a shark cutter on coastal tour.
16:00 The ship of the Medieval Center Agnete arrives.
16:00  Kaschubian Team (Poland) performs at the mobile stage.
17:00 Vozgirdai Family (Lithuania), songs and music, the mobile stage.
19:00 Winner Ceremony Baltic Sail Nations Cup with the chairman of the committee Martin Lohse. The mobile stage.
20:00-23:00 Lolland Falster, the duo, which creates party mood, entertains in Skipperknejpen.
20:00-23:00 BAD PENNY (Rostock) plays Nordic and Celtic music so that you enjoy it. The music tent.
23:00 The festival place closes.

Smoking is not allowed in the Music Tent.
Drinks, any kind brought by the Visitor is prohibited.

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