Selfish Murphy

Tuesday the 7th of August, “The Shark Cutter Day”

“The Shark Cutter Day”  

09:00  Skipperknejpen opens.
10:00  With a shark cutter on a coastal tour.
10:00  Smakkelauget and the café open.
11:00   Hyttefadet opens.
11:00   Splising and knots, sailing with smack boats, wood workshop, build your own boat and sail with it in the basin, the Medieval ship Agnete, ropemaker and many other things.
12:00  The guild Nysted Bådelaug takes the sails from the tan liquor on the drying ground at the guild Nysted Bådelaug.
14:00  VEREINT, 12 young singers and musicians from Germany entertain. The mobile stage.
15:00-16:00  Shipper meeting for the crews. The tent next to the harbor building.
15:00-19:00  The pilot boat from Gedser rescue station, open ship.
19:00-20:30    “Get together Party” for crews and sponsors. The audience is very welcome.
19:15-19:30  Official opening tale and welcome by the mayor in Guldborgsund John Brædder.
20:00-23:00  SELFISH MURPHY Five musicians and singers from Transylvania (Romania), who perform with Irish ballades and a lot of festive drinking songs based on Irish folk music and sailor´s songs. The music tent.
23:15  Nysted Cove in flames.
23:30  Thank you for this year, the festival place closes.

Smoking is not allowed in the Music Tent.
Drinks, any kind brought by the Visitor is prohibited.

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